A carefully cultivated, consistent, and valuable digital footprint makes your company a trusted household name that sinks deeper into existing and potential customers’ subconscious awareness every time they come across you. You don’t get there by accident, and content marketing is one way to stretch your online presence and reach more people, fairly easily — one targeted piece of content at a time.

The trick lies in publishing content that people will actively seek out, because it covers information they need or solves a problem they have. Tried-and-tested content marketing vehicles include actually-useful articles, videos, and infographics, but also insightful or witty comments on other people’s content, podcasts, and apps.

With each exposure to content that was useful or entertaining, people will build up trust in your brand. They’ll go from “oh yes, these people had something good to say last time”, to looking you up when they need answers to similar questions, to becoming a loyal customer.

If you do it right, the people who consume your content will go on to do a good portion of your marketing for you, as they share it with their friends — and that’s one of the most powerful ways in which content marketing can increase your online presence.